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Holiday Safety Tips



Christmas tree safety


NO TINSEL! - If swallowed by dog or cat, tinsel and ribbons can cause severe damage to intestines and possible death.

                     keep tree well watered so needles do not become dry and create a fire hazard

                     use safety approved lights

                     always turn off lights when leaving home

                     tree fertilizer added to water can be toxic if ingested by pets

                     be sure that tree ornaments are well secured so they cannot fall onto floor and be consumed (some dogs will even eat glass ornaments)

                     do not leave wrapped food items under tree, dogs will be able to smell food and will ravage the package

                     exposed electrical cords, if chewed, are very dangerous to puppies, kittens, rabbits


Supervise Hanukkah and other holiday candles while they burn.  Be sure to keep open flames out of cats’ reach.

Latkes are very greasy and can cause pancreatitis in dogs.




                     theobromine is the toxic agent found in chocolate, it affects the body similarly to caffeine

                     baker’s chocolate (bittersweet) is the most dangerous, “white” chocolate does not contain cocoa powder and is therefore not as dangerous except to cause vomiting and diarrhea

                     the onset of effects can be seen from 4-24 hours after ingestion

                     signs of chocolate toxicity include: vomiting, tender abdomen, hyperactivity, seizures and death are possible

                     If your dog eats chocolate, call your veterinarian immediately!

                     Other food items that are unsafe for dogs include raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts, onions, and garlic.   Xylitol, an artificial sweetner found in sugarless gum and baked goods can be fatal if ingested by dogs.




If your pet has ingested something toxic, call the ASPCA Poison Control Center at

(888) 426-4435.   There is a $60 consultation fee, but it is well worth the life of your pet.


We wish you and your pets a happy and healthy holiday season and New Year!


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