Past Facebook Live Broadcasts:

Interview with Rep. Todd Stephens, October 10th 2018:

Covered in this broadcast: 
* Libre’s Law – what it does, what you can do as a citizen under this law to protect PA animals.
* Animal protection legislation in the works
* Animal Fighting Paraphernalia Act : bi-partisan resource for highlighting PA candidates interested in promoting humane causes.

Pet Insurance: Fall 2018 Client Poll Results & Important Things to Know Ab out Pet Insurance: September 20th 2018

* Note: We unfortunately positioned the camera sideways for the first few minutes, and our signs came out backwards! SORRY!!!! (This was our first major broadcast & we were learning the technology.)

Details from the 35 min, informal broadcast:

1) Petplan’s 24/7 # is 866-467-3875
2) Formal, sit-down pet insurance seminar scheduled for Feb 2nd, 2019 tentatively 3:30-5pm…Much more info will be covered; this video is intro into the topic and guides you how to start researching & what to look for.
3) Pet insurance reps should be here several times in 2019 to chat informally with anyone who wants to drop in & ask questions.
4) The impartial website we mention

Ambler’s Dog Days of Summer, August 2018

An overview of the festivities at this annual, end of summer event. PS – One of our patients won the costume contest!!

Pet Dentals: Commonly Asked Questions & the Procedure Explained: January 16, 2019

Senior Pet Wellness in Dogs & Cats: Issues & Treatments, January 2019

How to Brush Your Pet’s Teeth, February 27, 2019