Cryosurgery is an alternative to surgical removal of various types of abnormal lesions/growths.

Our cryosurgery unit uses Nitrous Oxide to freeze and destroy the lesion so that it eventually falls off and is replaced with healthy tissue. No need for general anesthesia or sutures, this procedure is much less expensive than surgical removal AND takes only a few minutes to perform.

What you need to know:

  • Your vet must evaluate the bump(s) during an exam to make sure it is indeed a candidate for Cryosurgery removal. Cryosurgery can be performed during your current appointment, time permitting.

  • Some growths/lesions will require more than 1 treatment. If a follow-up treatment is required, there will be a reduced fee for that new procedure.

  • Your pet may experience a SLIGHT stinging or burning sensation but it is minimal and no pain medications are required.

  • Most common candidates: eyelid tumors, lick granulomas, adnexial growths, skin tags, papillomas, adenomas, warts and cysts.

  • This service is only performed by a veterinarian.