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Useful Resources:

  • Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Veterinary Specialty Clinic with multiple specialists.
  • University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Veterinary Specialty Clinic with multiple specialists.
  • American Heartworm With heartworm on the rise throughout the country, this is a great web site to get information on prevention and treatment of both canine and feline patients.
  • Chi A Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine school located in Florida that certifies acupuncturists, Chinese herbalists, tui-na (Chinese massage) practitioners, and more.
  • American Veterinary Medical The governing body for veterinarians in the United States. The web site is a valuable tool with both educational and professional information.
  • Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical The governing body for veterinarians in Pennsylvania. A great resource to what is happening with the profession in this state and it also has great educational information.
  • Pennsylvania Veterinary A foundation that has created The Last Chance Fund. This fund utilizes donations from people in the state to help care for stray animals or animals that have been saved by a good Samaritan. It helps to cover the cost so that these unlucky animals have a chance to be cared for and find a good home. This foundation is also the base for the Native American Veterinary Services group (see below).
  • Native American Veterinary This is a not-for-profit group that offers free to low cost veterinary care for the animals on some of the Native American Reservations in the United States. Not only can you visit the web site, but please feel free to contact Dr. Berman with any questions as he has been involved with the group for the last 7 years.
  • The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to A wonderful web site with tons of information on pets, pet care, toxins, food recalls, and many more topics.
  • Pet Poison A 24 hour/7 day a week helpline to figure out if there is a need to seek veterinary care for any ingestion that may be a problem to our cats and dogs. There is a small fee that must be paid when using this service.
  • Home Again This web site shows you the importance of microchipping your pet and the benefits that can be received by using this company.
  • Canine Companions for One of the many not-for-profit groups that we support. This group helps raise and train dogs to become service dogs for people with disabilities.
  • The Seeing Another not-for-profit group that raises and trains dogs to become service dogs for people who are blind.
  • American Veterinary Medical This link provides information on how you can improve the dental (and overall) health of your pets.
  • Veterinary Oral Health The VOHC is an entity of the American Veterinary Dental College. The VOHC awards a Seal of Acceptance for products that successfully meet pre-set criteria for effectiveness in controlling plaque and/or calculus deposition in dogs and cats. For information about the VOHC and to view the list of products that have been awarded the VOHC Seal of Acceptance refer to this site.
  • From routine appointments to emergency situations or surgeries, the CareCredit card gives pet owners the peace of mind needed to care for pets. Unlike traditional pet financing or veterinary payment plans, the CareCredit credit card gives you the flexibility to use your card again and again for your pet’s procedures.
  • Pet Insurance This independent organization has created a collaborative resource for pet owners to help them pick the insurance plan best for them.
  • Puppy Care Guide
  • Kitten Care Guide

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    We deliver client (& non-client) donations to local pets in need, as well as participate in fundraisers and local events.

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  • “I cannot put into words how exceptional the staff was with us, and how well they treated our beloved pet.”

    - Anonymous
  • “Dr. S. was so thorough and took the time to explain everything in detail regarding my cat's health.”

    - Courtina C.
  • “Excellent front office staff and believe me, that’s as important as an excellent vet.”

    - Clark N.