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Pet Health Certificates in Fort Washington

Traveling Domestically or Internationally with Your Pet

It is hard to leave your pet at home when you go on vacation, so many people choose to bring their pets along with them. Whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally, or you’re relocating due to the military or a business venture, chances are you will be required to submit your pet’s health certificate. At Fort Washington Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians are USDA accredited and can assist you with the necessary steps to obtain one.

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What a Pet Certificate Includes

Also known as a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI), a pet certificate is an official document which verifies that your pet is free of any diseases and up to date on all required vaccinations.

It also includes identifying information, such as:

  • Your pet’s age

  • Their breed

  • Their Microchip ID number

One of our veterinarians will perform a thorough exam before administering a pet certificate.

Important Information About Pet Certificate Requirements

Depending on your method of travel and your destination, there might be varying requirements and documents you need to submit. Additionally, each airline or location will have their own deadlines for how far in advance they need to receive these necessary items. Because you might need to make multiple trips to the vet to meet all the requirements, especially if you’re traveling internationally, it is important that you give yourself enough time and plan ahead.

Another requirement of international travel is that your health certificate must be signed by the state veterinarian located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, you cannot do this very far in advance of your trip because all of the necessary forms must be filled out no more than 10 days from the departure date. For more information, please visit the USDA website for a comprehensive list of requirements.

Having a pet certificate does not guarantee you will be able to take your furry friend with you. It’s important that you research and read up on your specific airline or travel destination’s rules and regulations so that you fully understand what is permitted and what is not.

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