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Dental Care

Dental health is as important for pets as it is for people. Dental disease causes bad breath, pain and infection. This infection can lead to more serious health problems including heart, liver and kidney disease.

For optimal safety of your pet, all dental procedures are constantly monitored by a dedicated, medically trained staff member. Tools that are utilized to aid in pet monitoring and safe anesthesia include an intravenous fluid pump, blood pressure monitor, carbon dioxide monitor, oxygen saturation monitor and a warm air blanket to maintain normal body temperature.

We also take dental x-rays during these procedures that allow us to appropriately recognize, diagnose and treat problems not initially obvious or visible to the naked eye, and oftentimes we uncover diseased teeth that appear clinically normal. Dental x-rays are rapidly becoming the standard of care due to their diagnostic value – after all, our patients cannot tell us if they have a toothache! We strive to look closely for disease and treat it appropriately.

Our doctors have completed advanced training in oral surgery techniques to help ensure the best outcome for your pet.

We perform dental procedures under anesthesia Monday through Friday. Your pet is admitted to the hospital in the morning and discharged in the late afternoon or early evening with recommendations for future preventative care. Call us today to schedule your pet’s dental examination with one of our caring doctors.

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Importance of pet dental care