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Senior Care & Planning

When dogs reach approximately 8 years of age and cats reach 10, we like to introduce owners to the idea of planning for their pets’ senior life stage. Is your pet still feeling fabulous? Great! We want to help you keep him/her feeling frisky for years to come.

Your vet will likely start recommending twice yearly visits for dogs, since many canines begin aging faster at this point. In addition to a comprehensive exam, thorough Senior Bloodwork may be recommended, check out our Wellness Testing brochure here for test components. These tests provide your vet with important information about the current state of your pet’s health and will factor in determining an appropriate plan for moving forward.

The discussion with your vet may involve environmental considerations, food, exercise, assistive devices, supplements or prescription medications. Our hospital offers advanced services such as acupuncture & herbal supplements, cold laser therapy, Cryosurgery and dentistry – all useful tools for senior pets when appropriate.

We also understand that some owners may be facing end-of-life concerns about their pet. Please reach out to your vet online or by calling (215) 458-5845 to discuss this sensitive subject. We are here for you and your pet!

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  • “I cannot put into words how exceptional the staff was with us, and how well they treated our beloved pet.”

    - Anonymous
  • “Dr. S. was so thorough and took the time to explain everything in detail regarding my cat's health.”

    - Courtina C.
  • “Excellent front office staff and believe me, that’s as important as an excellent vet.”

    - Clark N.